Welcome to the WaxGuard website.  


WaxGuard is a unique paint protection product for your car. It offers a visibly higher and  

deeper gloss to the paint surface of your car. WaxGuard also provides a protective layer  

against traffic film and dirt associated with extreme weather conditions.  


WaxGuard is a product brought to you by Cartec. For more then 25 years, Cartec have supplied  

car care products to the professional car cleaning and detailing market. Cartec serves specialist  

companies involved in the professional treatment of paint surfaces. Thanks to our extensive  

knowledge of this market, we have been able to develop High Quality products like WaxGuard. 


WaxGuard has been developed within our own laboratory. The formulation has been  

tested across our markets and under the most extreme conditions; currently WaxGuard  

is available in more than 15 countries.