WaxGuard is supplied and fitted through an international network of trained specialists. 

This includes a consistent and coherent procedure used across the Network. 


The procedure consists out of 4 specialist stages: 


1. Check the condition of the paint surface, rectifying paint defaults prior to  

any application. This is extremely important on used vehicles. 


2. Apply Prep-First to the paint surfaces allowing all surfaces to become de  

siliconised, decontaminated and degreased.  


3. Apply WaxGuard protection using blue application sponge supplied. Do not drop on  

floor during use. Allow product to crystallize for at least 30 minutes before buffing to a  

high gloss using a Cartec micro fibre cloth.  


4. The vehicle is now ready for use, however The WaxGuard Protection Treatment  

will take approximately 24 hours to cure, before optimum sealant takes place.